Reduce Legal Expenses

Record an objective account of events to protect your fleet and your drivers from costly collisions and frivolous lawsuits. Risky drivers will receive direct coaching tips to encourage safe driving habits, which will protect your payload and your bottom line, potentially saving your company up to $500,000 or more per incident.

Conserve Fuel Consumption

Driving conservatively can help improve fuel economy by 15 to 30 percent at highway speeds and up to 40 percent in stop-and-go traffic, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. AngelTrax Fleet sends direct coaching to your most wasteful drivers to address tailgating, hard breaking, speeding and other behaviors that have a major impact on fuel consumption.

Improve Driver Satisfaction

AngelTrax Fleet identifies your best drivers with accurate scoring and provides court-ready evidence to protect drivers from false claims and frivolous lawsuits. A driver-operated panic button allows the driver to quickly mark noteworthy events in recorded video, and the driver privacy feature allows the driver to sleep or have a private phone conversation while the vehicle is not in motion.

Preserve Corporate Image

With your corporate image always on display, safe driving is paramount to maintaining a positive and trusted name brand. Respond to incidents quickly with actionable video sent directly to supervisors for managing the crisis and protecting your fleet’s reputation. Continued improvement can be monitored with driver scoring and direct coaching.

Increase Fleet Safety

Make a dramatic impact on your entire fleet’s safety with personalized, driver-direct coaching to target each risky driver’s worst behaviors behind the wheel. In one year, 431,000 injuries and 3,166 fatalities occurred in distracted driving accidents. Make your fleet the exception with our continuous improvement cycle of driver scoring, direct coaching and fleet management tools.

Monitor Drivers

Make sure your team of drivers is performing at the highest level of safety and efficiency. Mounted on the windshield, the Vulcan Series CoPilot System camera captures an exterior view, including sudden movements of other vehicles that can cause your driver to brake hard or swerve. The unit’s interior-facing camera captures video evidence that can prove or disprove accusations of dangerous driving habits and distractions such as cell phone use or drowsiness.


AngelTrax is a leading provider of
in-vehicle video surveillance and fleet management solutions, including 1080P windshield camera systems, which record up to seven views, plus driver scoring, direct coaching, managed video and reports.


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