Vans, cars, pickups

Make sure your employees are protecting the corporate image and keeping insurance rates low with safe driving. Monitor trends by group and by driver to identify greatest risks and reward high safety scores.


Semi-Trucks, Moving Trucks, Delivery

Defend your drivers and your fleet’s reputation from fraudulent claims with up to 7 camera views capturing court-ready video evidence. Maintain your fleet’s safety reputation with direct coaching for drivers.


Uber®, Lyft®

Assure drivers and riders with continuous recording of interior and exterior camera views and ensure rider satisfaction with driver safety scoring and direct coaching for continuous improvement.


Cab Corporations

Deter illegal activity and ensure drivers and passengers of continuous surveillance with interior and exterior camera views. Determine route assignments with driver scoring and improve trends with direct coaching.


Dump Trucks, Bulldozers

Monitor your crew on the road and on the job site with continuous recording of up to 7 camera views and actionable video clips sent to supervisors for immediate response to dangerous driving.

Public Utilities

Electric, Garbage, Water

Protect public funds with safer drivers and up to 7 cameras capturing video evidence to prevent frivolous lawsuits. Monitor group trends and compare driver safety before and after direct coaching.


AngelTrax is a leading provider of
in-vehicle video surveillance and fleet management solutions, including 1080P windshield camera systems, which record up to seven views, plus driver scoring, direct coaching, managed video and reports.


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